Nokia Asha 311

Live fast, live free

Always ready to go

  • Top-class touchscreen

    Swipe, pull and pinch to zip around your Asha 311 smartphone with the super-responsive 3” touchscreen.

  • Wi-Fi when you want it

    Browse without using your data when you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot – everything you need to get hooked up is built in to your phone.

Get connected fast

Feel the need for speed? Get online quicker than ever with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G. And do more for less with the smart Nokia Browser – it’s up to fives times faster and uses up to 90% less data than other smartphones. Pretty nifty.

Nokia Asha 311

Powerful stuff

Watching your phone clunk its way through loading an app can really make your head hurt. With a swift 1Ghz processor and data compression to lighten the load, that’s not a problem for the Asha 311. It makes things super-fast, so you can chuck the painkillers in the bin…

Nokia Asha 311

Fast friends

Always be in the loop with instant updates from your favourite social networks and tools. Whether you’re a Facebook fanatic, hanging out for the freshest Twitter hashtag or want to see new emails the second they hit your inbox, they’re a sure-fire way to keep in touch.

  • Maximum standby time: 31 days
  • Maximum music playback time: 40 h
  • Radio features: Stereo FM radio, FM Radio, FM RDS radio
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 6 h

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