Effective date 25.4.2014

Nokia Store has introduced age ratings from January 2014. The ratings become gradually visible for applications that are added or created after this time in supported Nokia Store versions. The timing of availability depends on device and application software updates. Age ratings ensure that parents can make informed decisions about the appropriateness of content for their children and kids are protected on mobile devices. In addition to the Age ratings info, you can also find more privacy information about Nokia Store in general from here: www.nokia.com/privacy-store.

The Nokia Store age rating indicates the suitability of content for Nokia Store users in 4 different age groups – All, 9+ years, 13+ years, and 17+ years. The age rating is determined by first having the content publishers complete a list of selections about the content they are submitting to the store and how often and intense those selections occur. The criteria set are comprehensive and include such selections as: fantasy and realistic violence, intolerance, offensive language, mature themes and humour, use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, gambling, horror elements, sexual content, apps with sharing, advertising or purchase options, and privacy issues such location tracking. Nokia Store publishing and moderation teams then review these selections, their intensity and frequency and determine the appropriate age rating for that content.

The age rating is published and shown within the app description under the Details tab and marked with an icon. For example, an app or game with a rating of 13+ will have an icon saying ‘13+’ under the Details section of that app.

When you select to see more about the app or game’s age rating in Nokia Store, you will see a description of why it was given a certain rating. For example, the description of the age rating of a 13+ app or game may say something like this: Suitable for anyone over 13 years old. May contain: Frequent bathroom humour, Infrequent or mild bad language, Scary or horror elements, and Non-erotic nudity.”

This is a short guide to the 4 age groups and a general definition of the suitability of content in each category: 

Age Rating


All ages

Suitable for all ages. Content in this category may contain:

– Mild cartoon violence
– Mild bathroom humour
– Mild non-sexual physical intimacy 

9+ years

Suitable for ages over nine. Content in this category may contain:

– Infrequent occurrences of cartoon or fantasy violence
– Mild physical intimacy such as kissing
– Need for downloads or online communication between people 

13+ years

Suitable for ages over thirteen. Content in this category may contain:

– Frequent occurrences of cartoon violence or nonrealistic violence
– Scary or horror elements
– Non-erotic nudity
– Advertising or purchasing options
– Social networking with safety features 

17+ years

Suitable for ages over seventeen and adults. Content in this category may contain:

– Frequent or intense occurrences of violence
– Mature themes targeted to adults
– Realistic horror
– Social networking without safety features 

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