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Your Privacy in Motion Data

Microsoft Mobile's Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services. Further, you may find information on the Windows Phone operating system privacy here. In addition the following applies to your use of the Motion Data feature.

Based on the motion sensors and positioning feature of your phone, Motion Data creates information such as step counts or activities (for example whether you are walking or running) or information about your places. Motion Data is comprised of motion sensor data, places where you spend time and routes you take.

Note: Microsoft has no control over the way third party applications will use Motion Data. Therefore you should carefully read the privacy notices of location enabled applications.

What information do we collect?

Motion sensor data
This includes data from the phone’s accelerometer and other motion sensors (for example barometer and gyroscope) which is processed on the phone to create for example the following information:
• Step counts – how many steps you take
• Activity type (example: are you walking or being idle)
• Altitude information

Frequent places

This data is derived from the device’s location services (A-GPS, network or WiFi positioning) and is processed on the phone to determine:
• Frequent places – places that the Motion Data feature estimates to be relevant for you based on your location data. These places are typically locations where you spend frequently more time than 10 minutes. The accuracy of places typically varies from a few meters up to several kilometres.
• Categorisation of places – Motion Data tries to categorise certain places like “home” or “work”. This categorisation is based on the several factors including estimate of your time spent in these frequent places.


This data is derived from the devices location services (A-GPS, network or Wi-Fi positioning) and is processed on the device to determine travelled routes.
Routes include set of route points that represent the path you have travelled. There are two different modes, Basic and Detailed. The Basic Mode collects the data in larger intervals and the accuracy of the position is not as high in Basic Mode as it is in Detailed Mode.
Without your consent, frequent places and routes data is not shared with third parties.

How do we collect, use and share that information?

Motion Data offers means for your location enabled applications to enhance the experience with information provided by Motion Data

There are multiple versions of Motion Data. In both versions, you will need to enable location services from your phone settings in order to track places and routes. You will find those settings at: Settings >> Location services. For Motion Data settings visit: Settings >> Motion data.

What are your choices?

See the table below to learn how you can control collection and access to Motion Data via Settings.

QuestionVersion 1.xVersion 2.x
What collected data can you control?Motion Data collection on/off (this means all Motion Data)Places and route collection on/off.
What happens when you enable data collection?You enable motion sensor data, places and track points collection at the same timeYou expressly enable collection of places visited and routes taken. Motion sensor data will be collected and recorded irrespective of this setting.
What happens when you enable Detailed data collection?Not supportedMore detailed motion data is collected including for example bicycle activity. Motion data will use speed data that is generated from GPS. Location data is not stored unless you have enabled data collection.
Where is collected data stored?Locally on the deviceLocally on the device
What happens when I disable all location services (Settings >> Location services)No Motion Data is collected or provided to third party applications.Motion sensor data is collected and provided to third party apps.
No places or track point data is collected or provided to third party applications.
Is the places and track points data shared with third parties without consent?NoNo
How can I delete collected data?You can delete all Motion Data by pressing Settings >> Motion data >> ‘clear’You can delete Place and track point data by disabling places history (Settings >> Motion data >> Place history. You cannot delete motion sensor data
What happens when I allow application to access location data?When you allow application to access your location it will allow access to Motion DataIf you have enabled Places and route collection this information is collected and apps that you allow to access location data can also access places and route data.

How the application will use Motion Data is determined by the application itself. Applications might, for example, chose to store Motion Data on the application or chose to send it to a server outside of your phone.

Clearing Motion Data removes Motion Data from your phone, but not from any applications that have received it. Check your applications for possible settings to delete data.

How long do we keep the information?

Motion sensor data
Applications are able to access Motion Data that has been collected during the last 10 days. After 10 days data older than 10 days is automatically replaced by newer data.
Applications that use Motion Data may store a copy of the data longer in application specific storage. Microsoft has no control over the data storage of the third party applications.

Frequent places and Routes
Location data is stored on your phone by using two different time intervals:
• Frequent places: Location data for frequent places is collected on your phone as long as Motion Data collection is enabled. This data is aggregated into already existing frequent places and individual locations are deleted.
• Routes: Routes data is collected on the phone for the last 10 days. After 10 days route points older than 10 days are automatically replaced by newer data.

What safeguards are in place?

Motion Data stored on the phone is safeguarded by the platform security of Windows Phone operating system.

Other information

Microsoft Mobile is the controller of your personal data. You may contact us through our customer care or through the following contact details:

Microsoft Mobile Ltd.
c/o Privacy
Keilalahdentie 2-4
02150 Espoo

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