Software Update for Asha and Series 40 phones

Ashas_swu Software updates for Asha and Series 40 phones introduce new features and improvements that let you do even more with your phone.

Updating your phone is easy - read below to find out how.


Asha and Series 40 phones.

How to update my phone?

Update wirelessly (OTA)

You can update your Asha or Series 40 phone wirelessly Over the Air (OTA). With Over the Air (OTA) updates you don’t need any cables or computer; you can simply download and install the update using your phone and an internet connection.

Watch the video on how to update your phone wirelessly

Step 1. For most phones:

  • Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Device updates

Step 2. Select downl. phone sw. The phone will notify you if there is an update available. If new update was found, follow the update instructions shown on your phone screen.

After the update you can check your current phone software version by dialing *#0000#. There can be more than one consequent update available, so you may need to repeat the steps to get to the latest software version.

Tip: To keep data costs down, we recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection or Nokia Suite. Our software updates are free of charge but if mobile data is used to update wirelessly Over the Air (OTA), data transmission costs may apply. For more info on the possible costs, contact your network service provider.

Update with Nokia Suite

Most of the Asha and Series 40 phones can alternatively be updated with Nokia Suite. With Nokia Suite you will also need a computer with an internet connection and a compatible USB cable.

Watch the video on how to update your phone using Nokia Suite

sw_update1 Step 1.

To update your phone, you need Nokia Suite software on your computer.

Download Nokia Suite

sw_update2 Step 2.

Connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable.

sw_update4 Step 3.

Start Nokia Suite, and go to Tools > Software updates. Then select the update you want to download, and click Install.

Note: Some of the phones such as Nokia 110, Nokia 111, Nokia 112, Nokia 113, Nokia 114, Nokia 206, Nokia 301, Asha 205 and Asha 210 do not support Software updates or backup using Nokia Suite. With these phone models updating the device wirelessly Over the Air (OTA) is the only available method.  

Check available software updates

Update availability may vary depending on things like your phone model, region, and network service provider or carrier. There are two ways to find out about new software updates for your phone:

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Device updates on your phone and select the downl. phone sw option to check for new updates. You can also set the phone to check for new updates automatically from auto SW update menu.

2. Nokia Suite will automatically notify you of new software updates when you connect your phone to your computer. 

Get prepared for an update

  • It is recommended that you create a backup before doing a software update using Nokia Suite or Settings > sync & backup > create backup function on your phone. If you create a backup using your phone, a memory card is required.    
  • When updating wirelessly Over the Air (OTA), the size of an update package can be several megabytes, so unless you have a data plan it is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Check that your phone is set to the correct date and time. With a wrong date or time, your phone won’t be able to access the updates.
  • Before starting the update, make sure your phone has enough battery power. If the battery level is low, charge the battery before starting the update.
  • Make sure there is enough space on your phone memory for the update. If necessary, remove some apps or other large items or move them to the memory card.

Trouble installing an update?

If you have problems during the software update, you can try our Microsoft Mobile Community to solve them.

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