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Accessibility enables people

of all abilities to realize their full potential. Microsoft creates technology that is accessible to people around the world—of all ages and abilities.

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Assistive Technology Products

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Students and seniors close generational and digital gaps in new film
Technology can be a powerful tool for seniors—one that connects them with family and friends. But seniors, like many of us, sometimes need help figuring out how to use technology that seems in a constant state of change.

Blind accessibility engineer switches from a Mac system to Windows
After five years with a Mac-based system, a veteran of the accessible technology industry switched back to Windows. He made the move, in part, because his Apple system didn't have steady comprehensive fixes.

Learn how to test apps for accessibility on the Windows App Builder Blog
When developers design apps that are accessible, everyone can benefit. On the Windows App Builder Blog, a new post explains how developers can test the accessibility of their apps and check for key features, such as clearly visible text.

Accessibility at Microsoft

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