Guide for Individuals with Age-Related Impairments

photo of a woman looking at her laptop computer

Having trouble seeing things on your computer screen? By the time we reach our fifties, two-thirds of us have vision, hearing, or dexterity impairments that will impact our computer use. Discover easy ways to customize your computer without downloading or purchasing anything.

Customizing Your PC

Videos that Fit Your Life

Video launch iconI've learned how to make my computer easier to use
No need to squint—as you get older, get wiser too and learn how to customize your PC to make it easier to see and use.
Video launch iconFinally, I found someone who would listen to me!
Discover Speech Recognition and you'll love how your PC listens to you.
Video launch iconA great grandma, and a great techy too
It's easier than you think to stay in touch, share photos, and play games online. If this grandma can do it, so can you.
Video launch iconErgonomic! What's so funny about that?
It's all about comfort with Microsoft ergonomic keyboards and mice that fit your style.