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Assistive Technology Products

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Assistive Technology Products for Windows

Microsoft Windows is compatible with a wide variety of assistive technology products such as screen readers, magnifiers, and specialty hardware that meet the needs of computer users with all types of impairments and provide choices at every price point. We strive to ensure that Windows is an outstanding platform for other companies to develop innovative accessible technology products. Interoperability between assistive technology products, the operating system, and software programs is critical for the assistive technology product to function properly.

The following assistive technology companies provide specialty software and hardware products (such as screen readers and specialty keyboards) that provide essential computer access to individuals with significant vision, hearing, dexterity, language or learning needs.

Assistive Technology by Type
Ai Squared
Claro Software
Dolphin Oceanic Ltd.
Enabling Technologies, Inc.
Extra Corporation (Japanese)
Freedom Scientific
gh, LLC
GW Micro
Low Vision International AB
Portset Systems Ltd
Skyfish (Japanese)
TACK-TILES Braille Systems
Techno-Vision Systems Ltd.
True Systems (Korean)
Uniplan Co. Ltd. (Japanese)
ViewPlus Technologies

PPR Direct, Inc.

Acapela Group
Meridian One Speech
Dexterity and Mobility
Applied Human Factors
Deki Mouse (Japanese)
Neil Squire Society
Origin Instruments
Tobii Technology

Academic Software, Inc.
Crick Software
Design Science
Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.

Language and Communication
Gus Communications
Tobii Technology

Additional solutions and suites
Fujitsu (Japanese)
iansyst Ltd.
TechSmith Corp.

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not in any way endorse the products offered by the companies in this list. Microsoft is not responsible for the information the listed companies provide, the accuracy of that information, or the language used to describe their products. Each listed company is responsible for supplying their own information. This list is not a comprehensive listing of all manufacturers of accessibility products.

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