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Assistive Technology Products

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Accessibility Guides for Businesses and Government Organizations

[image: Image of person working on a laptop computer] These guides from Microsoft provide information about accessibility and accessible technology to help organizations worldwide ensure that everyone has equal access to information and services.

For organizations new to accessibility and working with people with disabilities, accessibility can sometimes seem overwhelming. To help your organization meet the needs of people with all types of abilities, you will find specific information about many types of impairments and some of the accessible technology solutions that address them.

These guides provide:

  • An understanding of accessibility and how it impacts organizations
  • Definitions of impairment types and technology solutions for each type of impairment
  • Guidance on choosing accessible technology solutions
  • Resources for more information

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Training Tools

These accessibility training tools help IT professionals learn how to build accessible technology and improve accessibility of websites. [image: download icon] Download CD that includes all the Accessibility Training Courses and Resource Materials

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