Identify the Right Assistive Technology Products

Identifying the best assistive technology solution often requires an in-depth needs assessment to understand how a difficulty or impairment impacts computer use.

There are many types of assistive technology products and hundreds of products available. To be sure you have identified the right product to meet your needs, locate an accessibility center in your area or use a needs assessment tool.

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers are available to help you identify the right assistive technology before you purchase a product, and to help you set up your computer and train you on how to use the new product. Many of these centers have lending services, so you can try a product before committing to purchasing it. These centers provide expert consultation on assistive technology and accessibility built into Microsoft products. Each center is equipped with video demonstrations and accessibility tutorials that show you how to make computing easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

The following assessment tool helps organizations and individuals select accessible and assistive technology products.

Assistive Technology Decision Tree by UnumProvident (738 KB) leads you through questions based on the type of impairment to identify assistive technology products that you might consider. UnumProvident is a company dedicated to helping people with disabilities by providing income protection and back-to-work products and services.