Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers—Washington

Washington Assistive Technology Act Program
UW Center for Technology and Disability Studies
University of Washington
CHDD South Building
Room 104
Seattle, WA 98195
TTY: 1-866-866-0162
Phone: 1-800-214-8731 (toll-free)

Image: Map showing the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington MARC location

Easter Seals Washington
Spokane Office West
606 W. Sharp Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201-2424
Phone: 509-326-8292
Contact: Louise Tately

Image: Map showing the Spokane, Washington MARC location

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not in any way endorse the organizations listed nor take responsibility for the accuracy of information these centers supply or the descriptions of their services. This is not a comprehensive listing of all accessibility services available.