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Windows Vista Accessibility Demos Help

Navigating the Windows Vista Demos

Demonstrations can be navigated with the keyboard, or mouse. The keyboard shortcuts in the table below help you navigate the demos more easily. Transcriptions and captions are provided for each demonstration.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut
Move forward through every link
Move backward through every link


Captions, as well as transcriptions, are available for each video and demonstration. In the Windows Vista demos, you can choose to hide captions (which will show by default) and invert caption color for either a white or a black background. These options are available below the demo player box. To increase text size of captions, in Internet Explorer, select:

  • View menu (ALT+V)
  • Text Size (ALT+X)

Then, select a size from smallest to largest.

Note: If you rewind a demo, captions may take time to refresh before being in sync with the demonstration.

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