Accessibility Website Help

The Microsoft Accessibility Web site provides information about accessible technology to help improve computing for people with difficulties and impairments.

Navigating This Site

  • The Site Index provides a map of all the content areas of the site for easy access to links.
  • Accessibility site contents are at the top and left of every page. This format provides the table of contents of the site to assist you in navigating within the Microsoft Accessibility Web pages.
  • The Bing search bar is at the top of every page. Use this to search the site which includes links to the Microsoft Accessibility Web site as well. This search bar is common among all Web pages.
  • Configuring Your Screen Reader to Use This Site
    Some screen readers allow users to select how Web sites are read. If this feature is available on your screen reader, contact your assistive technology manufacturer to learn how to adjust the options on your screen reader.
  • Additional Accessibility Features on this Site:
    • Graphics and ALT Text
      Each graphic image on the site has alternative text (ALT text) which describes a graphic. Speech synthesizers and screen readers can read ALT text aloud to provide information about the graphic.
    • Colors and Fonts
      High-contrast colors were chosen for this site to assist people with color blindness and other visual impairments.
    • Active Links
      Words that link to other topics or pages change color and/or become underlined when a pointer is paused over them. This feature helps to identify the links more easily and is available with the most recent Internet browser versions.
    • External Links
      You'll notice that some of our links are indicated as "External Link." We use this feature (the TITLE attribute in HTML) on our site to indicate when you are leaving the Microsoft Accessibility site. Screen reader users may be able to adjust the settings on their screen readers to properly identify these links.
    • TAB Key and Arrow Keys
      The top menu, links, and form controls on this site are accessible with the TAB and arrow keys. This is helpful for people who do not navigate with a mouse. This feature is available to people using Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows.

Subscribing to the Accessibility Update Newsletter

To subscribe to the Accessibility Update Newsletter, and other e-newsletters from Microsoft, you first will need to log into your Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one without cost.

After you have created your Microsoft account and logged in, you can select the Microsoft newsletters you want to subscribe to, including the Microsoft Accessibility Update newsletter. You can change your subscription status at any time.