Robert Sinclair
Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft


As Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft, Rob Sinclair is responsible for the company's global strategy to make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to see, hear, and use their devices, software, and content. Sinclair manages the accessibility strategy within Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing division, which focuses on integrity and responsibility in business practices.

Sinclair speaks around the world about how addressing needs of people with a wide range of abilities can transform the way everyone interacts in an increasingly digital world. Throughout his career, Sinclair has worked on more inclusive approaches to technology. At Microsoft, he has championed the concept of people-centric design, which creates multiple ways for people, including those with disabilities, to interact with computing devices and content. He is working on a new generation of technologies that automatically adapt to a person’s individual needs, preferences, and immediate surroundings. Today, people are asked to adapt to technology. People-centric design greatly expands the ways people can interact with technology, including voice commands, touch, and gestures.

When Sinclair joined Microsoft in 1997 he began working on the company’s growing accessibility efforts. In 1998, he was responsible for the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) developer technology. He led the team that created Microsoft UI Automation (UIA), a new approach to exchanging information between applications and assistive technology products, such as screen readers and screen magnifiers. In 2007, Sinclair became director of the company’s worldwide accessibility program and developed a new holistic approach.

Sinclair is board president of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). As Chief Accessibility Officer for Microsoft, he consults and communicates regularly with business leaders, engineers, advocacy organizations, and government leaders around the world.

A native of Texas and a US Air Force veteran, Sinclair holds a master’s degree in computer science from New Mexico State University, with a focus on usability and user-centered design. He is the lead inventor or contributor of a dozen patents awarded in accessibility and digital photography. He is an international award-winning nature and wildlife photographer who supports the protection of wildlife and the preservation of wild places.

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"The power of technology to transform the way we interact is bounded only by our imagination."

Rob Sinclair,
Chief Accessibility Officer