Accessibility in Internet Explorer 7

Screen shot of Internet Explorer window open and Zoom menu displayed at bottom of screen

The Internet is easier to see and explore with accessibility settings and features in Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer 7 has better compatibility with assistive technology products and new accessibility features including the Zoom option. Enhanced keyboard access can be found in the default toolbar buttons, search box items, address bar, and tabs. And, extensive keyboard access is available for new features added to Internet Explorer 7.

Accessibility Features in Internet Explorer 7

Zoom in on a webpage Use the Zoom feature to magnify text, images, and controls on the page. Change the zoom level with the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right corner of each Internet Explorer 7 window, or, from the Page menu. Choose 100%, 125%, or 150%, or, specify magnification up to 1,000%.

Choose colors and fonts used on webpages Make webpages easier to see by changing the text, background, link and hover colors. Internet Explorer 7 supports the system link color, so high contrast mode and color preferences you have chosen in your Windows operating system will work in Internet Explorer 7.

Change webpage text size in Internet Explorer Choose from smaller, smallest, medium, larger, or largest.

Override website font and color settings Choose to ignore colors, font styles, and font sizes specified on webpages to make the pages easier to see. You can also choose to format documents using your own style sheet.

Choose accessibility settings Improve accessibility by expanding alternative text, resetting text size and zoom levels, using smooth scrolling, showing pictures, playing animations, videos, and sounds, and print options for webpages.