Accessibility in Office XP

Microsoft Office XP includes many powerful and useful accessibility features to make things easier to see on screen and easier to access with the mouse and keyboard. You can also choose sound and speech options that help you work with your documents more effectively.

Display and Readability

Zoom for readability In most Office XP programs you can zoom in on your files to make information more readable on the screen. You can also choose to view in high contrast to improve legibility.

See the Help topics for more ways to improve visibility of items on screen:

  • Word 2002—Adjust size, zoom, and format options
  • Word 2002—Choose color and sound options
  • Outlook 2002—Choose color and sound options

Keyboard and Mouse

Customize toolbars and menus Customize toolbars and menu commands to put the most used commands within easy reach to save time and increase productivity. For example, create a toolbar that contains only the buttons and menus you use most often; or, create a custom toolbar button or menu command. See the Help topics:

  • Word 2002—Customizing menus and toolbars
  • Outlook 2002—Customize menus and toolbars

Use keyboard shortcuts Use keyboard shortcuts to complete some tasks faster and easier. See the Help topics:

  • Word 2002—Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Outlook 2002—Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time and keystrokes with AutoComplete Complete words as you type, add frequently used words and phrases, automatically correct misspelled words, and store and insert text and graphics—automatically—in Office XP. See the Help topics:

  • Word 2002—Automating Tasks
  • Outlook 2002—Automating Tasks

Sounds and Speech

Office XP helps increase productivity by supplementing traditional mouse and keyboard input with voice commands. You can dictate text, make direct formatting changes, and navigate menus using speech and voice commands you input by microphone.

Use speech recognition Speech recognition is installed in all Office programs by initially using the feature in Word, or by doing a custom installation. See the Help topics:

  • Word 2002—Installing and Training Speech Recognition
  • Outlook 2002—Installing and Training Speech Recognition

Use Microsoft Narrator You can use the text-to-speech utility Microsoft Narrator while using Word to read aloud menu commands, dialog box options and more—including announcing events on screen and reading typed characters.

See the Help topics for more ways to adjust sound options:

  • Word 2002—Choose sound options
  • Outlook 2002—Choose sound options
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Note to Assistive Technology Users

If you use assistive technology, be sure to contact your assistive technology manufacturer to check compatibility with Office XP and to learn how to adjust your settings to optimize compatibility.