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Microsoft Enterprise Network

The Microsoft Enterprise Network on Yammer is an online community where Enterprise customers and Microsoft teams exchange insights about current developments in IT.


Designed exclusively for IT leaders to discover great thought leadership content, viewpoints and news to keep you current on the latest trends from Microsoft and within the leadership community.

Microsoft on Slideshare

Browse, read, and share our best infographics and slide presentations on the Microsoft Enterprise Slideshare channel.

Microsoft For Work

See our library of Enterprise videos featuring customer interviews focusing on organizational transformations in the realms of Mobility and Productivity, Cloud, Data and Insights, and Enterprise Social.

Microsoft Australia Cloud Power Forum

We're bringing the cloud conversation right to your doorstep. Stay up-to-date on news, blogs, social network postings, videos, events, and more. This is where Australia’s leaders in Cloud Computing come to listen, learn, answer and consult.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions in Australia

A group to discuss the uniqueness of delivering Microsoft Cloud Solution in the Australian marketplace.


CIO Enterprise Insights

Subscribe to Microsoft's CIO Enterprise Insights

Designed exclusively for IT leaders, the CIO Network Update is a monthly email communication created to provide our IT executive customers with access to great thought leadership content and relevant news to help you become better business leaders.


Office of the CIO

CIO @ Microsoft Blog

The Office of the CIO Blog focuses on how we manage IT at Microsoft. You'll find posts from Jim DuBois and members of his staff, conversations with Microsoft executives about the business of IT, and other information about Microsoft IT.
Marketing @ Microsoft Blog

Marketing @ Microsoft Blog

Follow our Marketing @ Microsoft blog to get an insider’s view into our marketing strategy and operations. Executives and experts from across Microsoft share their perspectives on engaging customers and communicating effectively in today’s digital age.
Finance @ Microsoft Blog

Finance @ Microsoft Blog

Welcome to the Finance @ Microsoft blog! This blog is designed to provide insights for financial professionals on current trends in information technology and give an insider’s view to how financial executives and experts at Microsoft address those trends with the newest tools
Human Resources @ Microsoft Blog

Human Resources @ Microsoft Blog

Welcome to the Human Resources @ Microsoft blog! This blog is designed to provide an insider’s view to how human resource experts and leaders at Microsoft address current industry and market trends by taking advantage of some of the newest technology resources.
Microsoft in Retail

Retail @ Microsoft Blog

The Microsoft in Retail blog discusses the challenges facing retailers and brands today, many of which we also share as a retailer, consumer goods company and a solution and technology provider. You’ll find posts from our Microsoft teams as well as from leaders in the industry. We welcome the conversation.