Reimagining with mobile and bring your own device

The next wave in enterprise mobile will be about enabling a fluid, seamless mobile experience for users. Going mobile is no longer about carrying a single mobile device. Going mobile now means the ability for any user to pick up any device in the context of what they are doing, and have instant access to all of the “stuff”-settings, data, and applications that follow the user and flow seamlessly from device to device.

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Embrace device choice and anywhere access without compromising security.

You can give your business users access to their information from virtually anywhere, anytime, while still helping to protect your business information. You can even support compliant devices when they are personally owned rather than corporate provided, for maximum flexibility for users.

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Stay productive on the go with familiar, connected experiences.

Minimizing the learning curve is key to helping your people become more mobile. We’re committed to delivering best-in-class productivity experiences through business and social apps that work on the devices people want to use to get work done.

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Enable specialized and in-the-field workflows with mobile line-of-business (LOB) apps.

By using LOB solutions that already support a mobile experience (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM). As well as taking advantage of an infrastructure for mobility, your developers can write one solution that delivers the best experience across the PC, tablet, and smartphone. This is made even easier when you can use the familiar tools, languages, and back-end infrastructure that you already have in place.

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Excite and engage users with an immersive, connected mobile experience.

By tapping into information about the users’ context (such as their location) and integrating their other apps and data (such as their contacts and social network memberships), you can delight your customers with rich, immersive mobile experiences.

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Embrace a growing, global, always-on mobile community.

The cloud can help you meet the challenge of delivering content to users around the globe on a variety of devices – scaling to meet demand, managing and distributing rich media content, streamlining development, and enabling you to focus on delivering the optimal user experience.

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Reimagining the Enterprise

Today's pervasive use of connected technology has changed customer expectations dramatically, providing an oppertunity for companies to compete in new ways. Virtually every enterprise is now transforming into a digital business. Microsoft can help you become a responsive, customer-obsessed enterprise.