More on Big Data from Customer Evidence

  • SATS
    Firm Adopts a Modern, Flexible IT Platform and Cuts Costs by Approximately 20 Percent
  • Ryobi Kiso
    Ryobi Kiso
    Construction-Site Engineers Secure Plans & Schedules, Reduce Costs with Cloud Email. Construction firm, Ryobi Kiso, issued site engineers with POP email accounts, so they could access plans, schedules and design documents from laptops and mobile devices throughout their working day. However, engineers’ email accounts had limited storage, and documents saved on personal devices, were frequently lost.
  • Ghim Li
    Ghim Li
    Textiles Co. Cuts Travel & Phone Costs, Speeds Time-to-Market with Cloud Conferencing. Singapore knitwear firm, Ghim Li, needed trans-national design and production teams to work closely and at high speed.
  • IXIA
    Network Testing Leader Boosts Collaboration, Reduces Costs with Online Office & Telephony
  • ACE Travel Insurance
    ACE Travel Insurance
    Insurance Company Enjoys Significant Savings in Development Costs and Redraws the Online Travel Insurance Playing Field
  • NTUC Unity Healthcare
    NTUC Unity Healthcare
    Singapore Health Cooperative Uses the Cloud to Scale with Growth
  • Univac Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
    Univac Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
    High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Firm Injects Real-Time Information Availability for Better Operational Efficiencies and Competitiveness