Buildcorp Gains Competitive Advantage with a Cloud-based Collaboration Application

Windows Phone frees Buildcorp's staff from the constraints of the office. With 20 years’ experience behind them, Buildcorp has always been a company that sees IT as a way to gain competitive advantage in a tough marketplace. So when their field project team upgraded their mobiles, the company looked to the Windows Phone OS to let them perform dozens of day-to-day tasks without returning to the office. Now, ProjectCentre – a cloud-based collaboration application – and Microsoft tools like Office and Outlook – help the team update and access project documentation without going back to their desks, meaning they can do more for their customers in less time. Emails, documents, specifications, drawings, photos and much more can be accessed in the field, which in turn saves money and helps projects run on schedule. As Buildcorp says, “It’s kind of like having a project in your pocket.”