The world’s strongest thread

If you want to support a vast network of employees and customers, what do you use to weave them together?

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The mega-manufacturer Esquel Group is probably the biggest clothing manufacturer behind some of the giants of the fashion industry like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Producing 8 shirts a second—that’s a hundred million shirts each year—in a global web of factories, Esquel couldn’t afford operate like a series of splinter cells.

They found that critical information was being lost: manufacturing best practices, ideas unshared, and essential files buried in one location but lost to the organization as a whole. Enter the rise of working like a network, collaborating across the supply chain from the cotton fields to the storefront. The office becomes a learning platform capable of teaching peer-to-peer as well as giving cross-level conversations that were previously difficult to have between manager and subordinate. “We truly believe that a lot of the great ideas are coming from the bottom up,” says Director Edgar Tung.

What will happen when you socialize your business?