SAP Solutions on SQL Server

Microsoft and SAP are working together to deliver flexible and agile business solutions that will reduce costs and increase productivity in the consultation, analysis and data processing through a friendly user interface.
Many companies choose the ERP system instead of SAP. And for more than 20 years, SAP and Microsoft have worked together to create value for their customers. The story began in 1993 from an agreement between Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner. Over these years both specific technologies in Windows Server and in SQL Server have been developed to optimize the operation of SAP, and together they have created Duet Enterprise, a collaboration solution that integrates the SharePoint Server to interact with the business's information efficiently.
Duet Enterprise seeks to meet organizations' users' needs in terms of productivity, through an unified view of the data and tasks in progress or planned, which increases both personal and group performance levels. This undoubtedly has a direct impact on the speed with which a business's needs can be responded to in a dynamic environment.
The solution creates advantages from the synergy between SAP and SharePoint by simplifying the administration of the systems, users and the permits, enabling the 'simple sign on', the mapping of data models and the traceability of processes, which in the end contributes to offering better support to your company's operation. The contribution possible around the SAP information includes the intervention in processes defined in ERP, access to the reports generated by the tool and navigate in an enriched personalized place with information supplied by the human resources department.
The SQL Server delivers lower ownership costs in SAP installations of any size, thanks to its flexibility for the configuration and its architecture design, advanced database management capabilities, the optimization in the use of the hardware, the reduction of areas prone to attack to increase security levels, a large compression capacity and greater availability thanks to SQL AlwaysOn Server, the Infrastructure with Windows Server Core that reduces the need for updates by between 50 and 60%.
One of the novelties is the xVelocity Columnstore Index characteristic that enables the 'catching' of consultations to the critical SAP database from a data warehouse. For clients who use SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (BW) to generate reports, using this tool notably accelerates processing times.
Another feature of this platform is that it is prepared to operate in virtualized environments, which follows a trend that every day staff and companies in general become more adept in the world of IT. Both SAP and Microsoft are using Duet Enterprise, as well as other companies around the world that already reaping benefits from its advanced features.
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