Hand in hand with innovation

Office 2013 joins new trends in both hardware and software and the ways in which organizations enable their employees and executives to be more productive.
Mobility, the ability to simultaneously use different devices, the integrated use of online and offline applications, the combination of corporate tools with desktop solutions, flexibility in information management... as the operating system transforms based on these challenges, Office adapts to them. In principle, it's important to know that although Office 2013 can be used with Windows 7, users can make the most out of it with Windows 8, which allows for intensive use of touch-screen features. It also includes 7 GB of free online storage with Skydrive and offers full compatibility with Office Web Apps.
The interface has been reinvented. Although it includes the famous Ribbon, it will be optional in the new version; in it, the tools on each tab can be displayed or hidden, and thereby include the most commonly used ones. One new feature that improves productivity is Start Pages in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which help users access recently opened documents without having to open the application.
Going back to touchscreen features, that is where tablets take in-depth advantage of Office 2013. Word will have a reading mode allowing users to turn pages just as they would turn the pages of a book. Users can also select (cut, copy, paste) texts with their fingers. What's even more powerful is the ability to watch videos within a Word document, provided the device is connected to the Internet.
Productivity on all applications
In terms of possibilities for executives, there are new features that save time by minimizing unused sections of the document being worked on, so as to remove them from sight while users are reading. A navigation panel will also appear, which provides at-a-glance document location
Excel includes features such as Quick Analysis Lens, allowing users to click (or tap on a tablet) a new tab that will recommend different ways to view information highlighted on the spreadsheet.
PowerPoint has a new slide presenter with more possibilities to interact and include notes, and the ability to change their styles becomes much easier with just a few clicks or taps.
Outlook will have new interconnection features with social networks, and a new feature called Peek, allowing users to check a figure or contact information without interrupting the message or e-mail being written.
In summary, the new version of Office includes features that improve the productivity or organizations, reduce production time, consider work done on any device, and favor collaborative reading and flexible working styles used nowadays. These are strongly integrated with online benefits.