Productivity in the cloud. Investment in the business

The paradigm is winning followers. Small, medium and large companies verify its economic and functional benefits in practice. The different plans meet specific needs: the experience of editing all kinds of files on-line, collaboratively.
As with all technological innovations, the promise of the productivity in the cloud runs along and adoption curve that, at present, is in clear ascent. When the offer is diversified in each country of the region based on the characteristics of each market, the successful experiences multiply, generating a wave of acceptance of alternative collaboration, communication and office tools solutions consumed as a service on the Internet.
The fundamental trigger of this trend is economic. For many companies, it is more convenient to pay a monthly fee per employee rather than allocating an amount money to the acquisition of an assets such as software licenses. The economic context offers diverse opportunities and they all require investment in the core of the business, whether to expand the productive capacity, open customer service offices, to enter overseas markets or create electronic commerce channels, among others possibilities. With options that start from US$4 per user per month to very complete options of up to US$ 20 per user per month, the flow of capital changes substantially when the provision of a service of this type is delegated to a supplier, in this case, Microsoft.
It is certainly not only due to the cost of the licenses, but also the effort of updating and maintenance, the equipment and human resources to administer that infrastructure and the continuity of the operation, guaranteed from a platform in the cloud that has highly availability mechanisms (99.9%), which is practically impossible to install in the companies' own offices. There is also the guarantee with single financial support.
On-line and at the desk
The possibility to edit a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation collaboratively and securely regardless of where the people involved are located is an experience that transforms the teamwork paradigm. Not only does it reduce times by contributing to a significant increase in the productivity, but it also enriches the final product as a result of a synchronous exchange, in which each person contributes but also receives feedback from the contribution of the others. Opening a document stored SkyDrive Pro shared or in a SharePoint in the cloud, and edit it on-line with Office 365 for the first time is surprising and quickly becomes a need.
Lync is an essential complement with its communication facilities by voice (even replacing the traditional phone system in many scenarios), video and applications and desk sharing functions, permits a qualitative jump in communications with a notable reduction in costs. The Office Mobile applications for smart phones constitute a key differential. And all that, accompanied by technical support and protection against spam and malware, provides the security layer necessary to keep the operation on-line.