The new era of the telephone: smart phone for Windows Phone 8

The telephone has always been a basic tool for employees' productivity. The advances in communications technologies and the appearance of smart phones have revolutionized work methods. Employees can now perform multiple tasks on the telephone.
The flexible working style enabled by Windows 8 is based on a scenario that is already is real in life: today people are connected all the time and they interact through their Tablets, telephones or PCs. Windows 8 was designed for companies to take the best advantage of this reality and transform it into greater productivity by offering people the possibility of working on their personalized devices in any place and at any tine without neglecting at any time the security of the company's information.
Telephones with Windows Phone 8 are ready to form part of the ecosystem of corporate devices, thereby permitting the load and distribution of business applications and the control of policies by the management. They can also be implemented in an on-premises infrastructure and/or in the cloud. The productivity applications used by users daily, such as Outlook and Lync are available through Office Mobile (that comes pre-installed in all the telephones) and the employees can stay connected and perform collaborative tasks with Office 365, SharePoint and Exchange. Windows Phone is the only smart phone that integrates full editing capabilities an not cost for Office documents, thus permitting employees to open, edit and even create new Word and Excel documents, view PowerPoint presentations and work anywhere.
Users can obtain more applications from the Windows Phone Store. Previously known as Marketplace, the Windows Phone applications store is aligned to the Windows 8 store, and allows searches for applications using the Bing search engine so keep it simple and search lists to find the applications according to categories. User can therefore obtain the applications they need quickly from their telephones or by sending them to their devices from their computer browsers.
A complete family of devices is available that meets all the needs and adapt to modern work methods: the Nokia Lumia line in all its models –the most recently last available,the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, and the 720, 620, 520 models – offers the user a fluid access experience , coherent with the Windows 8 desktop , and offers speed and rapidity in the processing of operations and working with applications.
According to a study conducted by the consulting firm IDC , Latin America is the second-largest region in the world in terms of market share of the Windows Phone 8 and the region with the strongest growth in the last quarter. This means that it is very well accepted in the region because of its design and the variety of applications it offers, both for work and for personal life. The Windows Phone is easy to implement and administer in a Windows infrastructure. It has support for Exchange Server, Windows Intune, System Center Configuration Manager and Office 365, and includes BitLocker device encryption that guarantees the strong security that every company needs. It is the smart phone that best adapts to a Microsoft infrastructure because it has been created based on technologies that the companies know, use and trust, so that their implementation helps to reduce their IT management costs. The combination with devices designed especially to take advantage of all the potential of the operating system make Windows Phone 8 the best choice for new work methods.