Voices transforming into actions

The participation of customers and business partners is key in product development. A new reminder: less than one year until the end of Windows XP SP3 support.
Please contact the us if you have any suggestions for Microsoft. If you have any difficulty with any product, please tell us about the situation. If you have needs dissatisfied by the current benefits of the software or the on-line services, please let us know. One of the main supplies of the designers of the products in the company, as well as those who define the interaction processes with the company's customers and partners is, precisely, that 'input', the voices of the users, developers and IT professionals who get the best out of the technology.
Many creations have been the result of that continuous interaction in each market in which the organization operates, thanks to the internal mechanisms that facilitate the circulation of that 'feedback'. Usability tests, surveys, 'focus groups' and other field research are also conducted, which is complemented by the information collected automatically by the applications when the user authorizes via the CEIP program (surely you will recall the emerging window that displayed on installing software requesting permission to send information to Microsoft to help it to improve its products).
The customer's voice is also taken into account when defining the company's training activities, the on-line content and support mechanisms. Live seminars and virtual events and meetings are constantly being created and recreated between Microsoft's end-customers and business partners, as well as meetings with executives from the different areas of the company. At the same time, the self-help, community and personalized assistance the tools to resolve any doubts or difficulties in the use of operating systems, applications and services in the cloud are multiplying.
For several applications, Windows 8 offers the option to send appraisals and make comments that will be published in the Windows Store. A special company team is on hand to deal with these concepts to transmit them to the development groups.
In summary, it is about transforming Microsoft's customers' and business partners' into actions of the company in order to increase satisfaction levels by complying more each day with the promise of value of all the products and services offered. But as we said at the beginning, your participation is key.