Delta’s Pilots Go Paperless

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Earlier this year, Delta Airlines purchased 19,000 Windows Mobile and Dynamics for Retail Devices for its employees, demonstrating their interest in adopting a forward-thinking mobile strategy. But when Delta decided to equip pilots with 11,000 electronic flight bags, they became industry leaders by pioneering the paperless cockpit, which they plan on deploying in every airplane by 2014.
Each pilot boards with a flight kit. Most flight kits are heavy and cumbersome, filled with around 40 pounds of paper manuals. The charts and manuals inside are expensive to print, difficult to update, and become obsolete soon after they are assembled. Enter the Microsoft Surface 2: updates populate instantaneoulsy, in-flight, giving the pilots up-to-date information and access to resources. Moreover, pilots have access to realtime risk management while in flight, allowing for a safer, more informed fleet. Multiply that innovation times 2,500 worldwide flights per day, and you have a fuel savings of $1.2 million gallons per year as well as a reduction in carbon emissions by 26 million pounds per year, not to mention the trees saved from paper elimination. That kind of reduction is literally planet-changing.