New tools for the next generation of applications

Visual Studio 2012 offers a set of solutions allowing innovative applications to be developed, integrated with the interface platform proposed by Windows 8. Let's take a look at the main features for creating powerful business applications by incorporating the most modern methodologies. The cloud, SharePoint and mobility in the same environment.
New Windows 8 applications offer a rich, productive experience to enterprise users through a modern and touch-screen interface, which is consistent on any device -- whether it's a PC, tablet or smartphone, on the desktop or on the cloud (through the browser). The Windows Store allows applications to be downloaded and installed, under the full control of IT administrators through the group directives application. There are also Line of Business (LOB) applications at the company, which are owned by the organization and were developed especially for different everyday tasks.
Visual Studio 2012 is the most recent version of the Microsoft development environment that has the features necessary to ensure that business applications make the most out of the new operating system and meet the company's expectations, both in terms of application quality and user experience, whether they are used on the desktop, the web or on a smartphone. It comes with .NET 4.5, a framework allowing users to optimize the creation and implementation of multi-platform code based on industry standards.
Visual Studio 2012 isn't just adapted to the current scenario regarding the applications it can create, but also how it allows company developers to work. With a fast, dynamic rhythm of business, moving from ideas to application in production as quickly as possible is essential. Just like Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012's most important novelties include a fresh interface (or IDE) that simplifies workflows and offers automatic access to the most-used resources. Its most notable features include clearer toolbars, more organized tabs and quick access to find frequently used code.
New, pre-created templates and evaluation and purge features allow applications to be created more quickly for Windows 8, and the Blend bar for Visual Studio 2012 offers a set of visual elements that help users take advantage of all features in the new Windows interface through a specific view for the developer.
On the desktop, over the phone or in the cloud
Many companies are now taking advantage of the cloud's potential and are developing their own web applications. Here, the new Visual Studio also offers templates, improvements in publication tools and support for the latest web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3. One novelty for checking the quality of applications is Page Inspector, a code purge tool that does not require users to exit IDE to interact with the page when displayed for the web. Thanks to improvements in ASP.NET, optimized applications can be created for smartphones, tablets and screens of any other size within the same coding efforts.
For companies that use SharePoint as a collaboration tool, this version also includes new templates, designers and implementation options, improved Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) features and LightSwitch, which allows for quick response to the demand of internal users once they discover the potential of this environment for document management and workflow organization.
A broad spectrum of features covers the development needs for the cloud, especially if users take advantage of the benefits of Windows Azure. Whether to create new applications or services on that platform, or to adapt existing solutions, its simplicity stands out for connecting different components in a reliable, extremely secure and high-performance manner, under the premise of inter-operability.
Visual Studio 2012's ALM solution helps manage the period of application development life, shorten processes and prevent lost time to deliver greater value to the business. With Team Foundation Server, development teams can work more quickly and precisely, thanks to a set of integrated communication, collaboration and administration tools. The new features include the ability of acquiring Team Foundation as a service.
In conclusion, the new Visual Studio 2012 provides a comprehensive set of focused features meant to make the creation of more secure and reliable business applications simpler, more flexible and quicker, and allowing users to put emphasis on their concepts and functionality, while ensuring quality coding. It offers a flexible environment, allowing users to create next-generation (Windows 8) applications, from their architecture to innovative visual resources, and the ability to implement them on any device, whether when it comes to web, desktop or mobile applications. These are all integrated with the possibilities offered by cloud technologies. For their part, companies earn with productivity, in terms of applications and on the development process itself.
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Business applications that are faster than ever
Visual Studio LightSwitch is a development tool included in the 2012 version allowing applications for the company to be created quickly, using little code. It offers a simplified development environment, designed specifically so that one's attention isn't on the applications' infrastructure but rather on the business logic. This makes the process more flexible through tools and templates that ensure quality code and provide all options that developers need to help them work.