Licenses = rights + benefits

Software licenses include the definition of a set of user rights that contain specific advantages. Microsoft has developed a variety of licensing and add-on models based on the needs identified for different types of customers.
Software Assurance (SA) is a benefits program that provides access to new versions of Microsoft products during the agreement term, which gives users the newest in solutions to get the most out of innovation. It is also a means to receive diagnostic and planning services for software deployment projects, 24x7 phone and online support, training and much more, making it something unique on the market. With Windows 8, SA is the only way to use the Microsoft Deployment Optimization Pack, a set of tools that simplifies IT management, and which means a direct reduction in costs.
For medium enterprises which have the flexibility to adapt quickly amid changes in the industry, but are often limited by their budgets, the ability to access the most recent versions of software positively impacts productivity, allowing competitive advantages with a quick time to market to be developed. The benefits from a financial perspective are obvious with SA.
The Home Use Program (HUP) has added benefits: flexible working styles are becoming increasingly popular, and HUP lets employees use applications at home or download them at low costs. The whole IT departments of these companies get valuable help and resources, whether they are software tools, consultancy and support and training, which are even available on-site. Windows Virtual Desktop Access (Windows VDA) and Office Roaming Rights are two extremely valuable add-on elements for continuity in operations.
Many of these benefits are also available to small enterprises, including the initial reduction in technology acquisition costs, thanks to the deferred payment option which lets license and SA payments be extended through three equal, interest-free, annual payments. Other advantages include online backup and licenses for mobility scenarios.
SA is available for license acquisition through both Open Value and Open Value Subscription. OV and OVS agreements are flexible and notably simplify the process for licensing Windows, Office and Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CALs). These benefits can also be adapted to large organizations with Select Plus agreements, which consider their needs to be unique.