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Introducing Windows 10 for Business

Windows 10 is the next generation of our Operating System and it fits all the devices with which you perform your activities, through a familiar, consistent and compatible experience that lets you be more productive.

We’ve already started sharing our plans with enterprise customers. We do it ahead of time because we believe it is important for them to have the information about our product vision. Your input, and the resulting feedback become vital to build products that will best meet your needs. Part of our work will be shown in the Windows 10 technical preview that is about to be launched, while the rest will be seen in subsequent updates. We have a lot to share. We’ll publish details about certain key areas step by step.

Windows 10 is designed for our enterprise customers

It will be our major special platform yet for organizations and their employees. There are many reasons why enterprise customers, in particular, should pay attention to Windows 10. It’s not only more familiar from the user experience point of view, we’ve integrated everything that businesses needed in the core of this product, including enterprise-grade security, information and identity protection features, less complexity and a better experience for business modern needs. We’ve also managed to simplify management and deployment to help reduce costs, including free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8, and offering businesses more possibilities, by accelerating the adoption of more recent innovations and continuous enhancements in the communication with the customer.

A unique Windows platform

Furthermore, Windows 10 offers a universal platform for applications, a security model and a deployment and management approach. With the convergence of our platforms, that unified experience scales across devices; from small, thin and light to laptops, desktops and bigger and more powerful all-in-ones. Windows 10 even scales to strong, industrial devices, industry solutions for different purposes, compact devices (Internet of Things) and conference rooms with touch screens of up to 85”.

Designed for the way in which we live and work

There is virtually no learning curve with Windows 10. For mouse and keyboard users, the user experience of Windows 10 starts with the familiar desktop. By extending the Start Menu experience of Windows 7, we offer instant access to the features and files that people user most frequently. Windows 10 enhances existing productivity features such as Snap, and also reduces the gap between the touch-optimized tablet experience and the mouse and keyboard experience, allowing modern applications to run in a desktop window.

Help us protect you against modern security threats

In addition, Windows 10 introduces many improvements in security and identity protection features that are easy to manage and don’t compromise the user experience. One of them is the work we’ve done by creating user identities for accessing devices, apps and sites that improve resistance to breach, theft or phishing.
This is an important approach because it takes the concept of multifactor solution, like smartcards or token-based systems, and it builds it right in the OS, in turn also eliminating the need for extra security hardware peripherals.
Microsoft has also made some progress in helping companies protect their business data. While BitLocker helps protect the data residing in a device, once it leaves the device, it remains unprotected. With Windows 10, we offer an additional protection layer using containers and data separation at the application and file level, enabling protection that follows the data wherever it goes. Whether the data moves from a tablet or PC to a USB drive, email or the cloud, it maintains the same level of protection. Users won’t need to change their behavior, use special apps or move to a separate, locked-down environment to keep corporate data secure. With a workforce increasingly mobile, the secure access to network resources is an important priority for all organizations. People need to connect to data and critical apps from anywhere and device in order to keep their productivity. Windows 10 provides tools to have a more secure and controlled access to VPN.

Managed for continuous innovation

We know that compatibility with applications is critical for businesses. Towards achieving this goal, we’ve added tools to perform compatibility tests. We’ve created an agile and reliable process that can be initiated using the current management structure.

Windows 10 keeps its customers secure and up-to-date

Windows 10 is more flexible for businesses. As a result, a business can choose the innovation speed appropriate for each group of users, instead of applying a general solution for everybody.
Businesses will be able to choose the usage pace in movement or close mission critical environments to receive security and critical updates for their systems only. They will also have an intermediate option for systems that aren’t mission critical but need to keep the pace of more recent innovations seamlessly with the business flow. This option doesn’t only apply for businesses; we hope that the majority will require a combined approach where different scenarios may be adapted.
Consumers and businesses who want to do so will be able to take advantage of the most recent updates whenever available, delivered through Windows Update. Business customers may segment their own groups of users and choose the model and pace that best fits them. They will have further options upon updating, either with Windows Update or in a managed environment. And, for all scenarios, security and critical updates will be delivered monthly.

We allow management in all scenarios

Windows has always offered management features for devices that businesses need, leveraging the power of Active Directory and System Center that allow for total control of Windows devices. With 1Windows 10, we’ve expanded the features of mobile device management (MDM), integrated to have new scenarios where mobility and cloud are priority; taking MDM features to laptops and traditional desktops. Customers will be able to benefit from the simplicity of managing the required controls from the cloud (using services such as Windows Intune). Regardless of your scenario, Windows 10 will be able to meet your management needs.

An app store open for business

Furthermore, Windows 10 will include a unique app store that is truly open for business. We are planning a new and unified store that will allow for volume purchases, based on the existing identity of the organization, flexible distribution and the ability to claim or reuse licenses. Organizations will be able to create a customized store and develop experiences including their app selection, together with others by the company.

Start experiencing Windows 10 tomorrow

We hope that you are as excited as we are about Windows 10. Be among the first ones to experience new versions as soon as they become available and have the possibility to have influence in the product development decisions through the new Windows Feedback application. We trust that you will enjoy Windows 10 and will look forward for the development and new features for your business.

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