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  • People, devices and data going mobile: reasons to develop a Consumerization Strategy
    4.1.2013 Arno Harteveld
    People, devices and data going mobile: reasons to develop a Consumerization Strategy
    People have become mobile across locations and through time. During the last decade, working remotely has become increasingly prevalent. Many of the world’s leading organizations, including British Telecom, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, IBM, and Accenture have already partially or fully eliminated traditional offices. This trend will accelerate in the coming decades in response to the ongoing globalization of work, ever-increasing customer demands, and the cost and time of commuting. At the same time, remote employees as well as managers are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges associated with virtual work with regard to internal communication, social interaction, and employee satisfaction and commitment.
  • Recommendations for a Consumerization of IT strategy
    12.3.2012 Arno Harteveld
    Recommendations for a Consumerization of IT strategy
    Consumerization of IT strategies provide user-focused value to enterprises because they can positively affect productivity, availability, job satisfaction, and workforce retention. Modern employees demand choice in how they execute their jobs, and employers can use the consumerization of IT as an attractive, differentiating factor when recruiting.
  • 3.21.2013 Chris Slemp
    Making Microsoft a Connected Enterprise with Yammer and SharePoint
    This is a guest blog post by Chris Slemp, principal solutions manager and Certified Yammer Administrator, in the strategic enterprise services IT organization of Microsoft IT.
  • 10.25.2012 Roy Sharples
    Money Changes Everything: Generate Revenue by Leveraging Technology for Strategic Differentiation
    Where is revenue being generated in your company today? Where else and how can new revenue streams be created?
  • 10.25.2012 Patrick O’Rourke
    Microsoft CIO’s Favorite Internal Business Application in the Cloud
    This is a guest post by Patrick O’Rourke, director within the strategy, planning and communications team in Microsoft IT.
  • 10.25.2012 Gavin Williams
    Cloud and Consumerization... the Power of Choice in Sourcing
    One of the reasons I enjoy my role at Avanade is because I get to have discussions with major customers about how disruptive technology shifts (such as cloud) will be to their business and IT strategies. The impact becomes even larger when coupled with other major trends such as Consumerization of IT, (which is what this post is about).
  • 9.28.2011 Andrew Conway
    Preparing for Consumerization of IT
    Microsoft commissioned a research report a few months ago to gauge how enterprises are approaching the consumerization trend ("IT Managers Selectively Embrace Consumerization", Forrester Research, Dec. 2010).
  • 9.28.2011 Andrew Conway
    Enabling Consumerization of IT
    The flood gates of consumerization have opened, and the advice on all fronts? Don’t try to stand in its way.
  • 3.15.2011 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Consumerization of IT: Where's the Win-Win?
    Everyone in business was glad to see Steve Jobs up and around and as excitable as ever when he introduced the new and improved version of Apple’s runaway hit tablet computer, the iPad, on March 2nd.