Four Benefits of Enterprise Social and Five Key Ways to Start Using It

Employees conducting business on mobile devices. Offices scattered around the globe. More unstructured work than ever before.
There’s no doubt that the scope and pace of business has changed dramatically. To keep up, organizations need to tap into new ways of harnessing employee ideas and connecting with customers, partners and vendors. Enterprise social is a new platform to do just that.
A recent Microsoft study shows that many companies just don’t understand the business benefits of social tools or how to get started. Check out the following slides to learn more.


Improve employee engagement
May 27, 2013
In the Microsoft survey, 51 percent of respondents said they would like to be more involved in their companies’ decisions to add tools and technologies. Employees want to feel that they have a voice, that their work is recognized and that they can contribute to the company’s success. Enterprise social can drive higher employee engagement by flattening hierarchies, dissolving organizational silos, giving people a platform for providing value to the company and driving change, offering a forum for recognition, and delivering greater organizational awareness and alignment.

When some people define “social,” they think of chatting with friends and sharing what they had for lunch. While that certainly occurs in personal social environments, enterprise social has the power to transform the way people communicate, share information and get work done.
The key is to start small, using social in targeted ways where it can offer immediate value, and then build off of successes to expand its use. It’s also crucial that leaders listen to the people who are using the technology to find out what’s working and what isn’t.