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Today communications are characterized by the ever-growing demand for anytime, anywhere, and always on connections enabling real-time dynamic interaction between people, services, devices and machines. This unprecedented demand for ‘ More ’ -- more connections, more content & services, more devices and more personalization continues to accelerate the pace of change in the industry while the rise of social media increasingly plays a role in customer loyalty.

In combination , the scale of these trends and the velocity with which they occur have significant implications for CSP’s. CSP’s face the challenge of developing, launching, supporting and monetizing new services, supporting exponential growth requirements and the need for rising investments, while at the same time continuing to delight customers by providing personalized services and experiences.

The pace of change and exponential growth require a new paradigm. A paradigm which leverages agile new technologies, systems and services which can replace or augment legacy capabilities and enable innovative new business models that unlock the promise of the digital economy.

From superior customer interactions and compelling digital experiences to personalized offerings, targeted campaigns, revealing analytics, and agile platforms Microsoft and its Partners provide the solutions needed to:

  • Envision - collaborate to envision the future and drive innovation
  • Accelerate – create solutions to accelerate business processes
  • Transform – enhance agility to transform and compete
  • Business and Operations Support Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sales and Support
  • Digital Marketing and Experiences
  • Service Providers must transform their operations and business models to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and strengthen their competitive position. Business and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS), which often include legacy applications that have been loosely coupled over time, represent a significant transformation opportunity for Service Providers because they impact the ability to bring new services to market quickly, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.
    Microsoft, in concert with its Partners, delivers flexible B/OSS solutions that span billing and real time charging, service fulfillment, service assurance, service delivery platforms, and network management and scale to meet the requirements of Service Providers of all sizes.
    Microsoft + Partner solutions for B/OSS contribute to Services Providers bottom-line results, through solutions that provide greater choice, improved flexibility and faster time-to-market with lower total cost of ownership
  • Strategic advantage in the hyper-competitive Communications Service Providers Industry lies in unlocking the potential of that data by transforming it into actionable insights that improve decision making and business predictability.
    To compete, Communications Service Providers must be increasingly responsive to customer needs, have greater insight into their own company’s performance, and quickly react to the ever changing competitive environment by providing faster response and personalized service.
    Reacting quickly to changing customer expectations is not a simple task. Management and staff at all levels across the company require access to the right information that will help them address customer segmentation, network intelligence, and financial performance and help in making decisions on how to optimize business operations and capital investments.
    Innovative BI solutions built on familiar Microsoft technologies can help boost business performance by providing decision makers throughout the organization with the tools and insight that they need to plan more effectively, achieve better alignment with strategic objectives, and make better business decisions. With the widest range of solutions in the industry fueled by a Partner ecosystem of over 40 ISVs and SIs, Microsoft has become an industry standard for Communications Service Providers Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Communications Service Providers (CSP) are constantly launching new services that require changes to many IT applications, agent training and business process modifications.
    Service launches are enabled by Telecommunications Sales and Support solutions that allow CSPs to find, attract, retain and win new customers through solutions that organize, automate, and synchronize business processes, including sales, marketing, and support, while driving down the cost of doing business.
    Creating effective multi-channel customer touch point is one of the biggest challenges faced by CSPs today. It’s a tough job. In the face of a complex and constantly evolving product and service portfolio, all CSPs are struggling to deliver a seamlessly integrated care, sales and marketing experience to customers via their front line agents.
    Telco Sales and Support Solutions on the Microsoft Platform are easy to customize, easy to integrate, and empower the communication and collaboration needed become an agile and responsive organization. These solutions make it easy for CSPs to support new services quickly, handle exceptions gracefully, and constantly improve customer care
    These solutions are built on our XRM platform. The X stands for anything. Unlike the traditional CRM players, we know that CSPs need to customize and tailor their CRM solution and continue to evolve the platform to constantly improve customer facing processes. How can you differentiate yourself from the competition if your IT platforms are forcing you to use the same processes as everybody else? That’s why we designed our CRM solution to be easily customizable and extensible from day one – so you can implement your new customer experience strategy this year instead putting an even greater burden on IT.
  • Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions help Communication Service Providers deliver engaging and differentiated customer experiences that generate revenue growth. Today’s marketers face the challenge of creating a successful strategy to build more targeted audiences, more connected and more personalized brand experiences across channels, and smarter data and marketing intelligence.
    Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions combine Microsoft software platforms, online services platforms, search tools, and consumer services into solutions that enable delivery of rich experiences to multiple channels and screens. By creating these compelling user experiences with Microsoft building blocks, Service Providers can find new revenue channels and increase audience engagement.
    Digital Marketing and Experiences solutions help create demand, drive engagement, monetize the experience through e-commerce and advertising revenues, and build insight by monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and organizing data to turn it into actionable insight.
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