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Microsoft is committed to solutions which empower utilities across the entire utility value chain. Together with our partners, Microsoft offers information technology solutions to address operational requirements common to all utilities around the world. These technologies integrate components for power generation, transmission and distribution, customer service and sales, and regulatory compliance in the power and utilities industry. Partner programs generate significant momentum in innovation which is a key differentiator, and a much needed competency, as the power and utility industries respond to regulatory and resource changes worldwide to innovate, perform, and transform to a value-driven enterprise.
Another component to enabling the energy transformation is Microsoft’s Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA), a comprehensive guideline for technology integration across the entire interconnected smart energy ecosystem. SERA provides worldwide power and utility companies with a detailed framework for existing technologies that will enable bidirectional power and information flows around the grid. Microsoft SERA helps utilities by demonstrating a method of testing how well information technology aligns with business processes, to foster integration and coordination for improved operational excellence. SERA focuses particular attention on standards and interoperability.
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  • Microsoft and Microsoft partners provide integrated solutions for the worldwide utility community to enable innovation for the evolving energy ecosystem. Faced with economic and environmental challenges, utilities are looking to innovate around generation & supply and transmission & distribution, including smart grid investments and generation efficiencies. With the introduction of renewable entrants and growing competitive retail markets, utilities must innovate by increasing performance and productivity by leveraging technologies to enable speed-to-market, collaboration, access to information, integration throughout the enterprise and energy value chain, mobility, and security. Innovation is less the singular big transformation and more the thousands of continuous improvements that come across an organization every day due to ever-improving IT solutions. Microsoft and its partners offer the benefit of their continued investments in technology solutions, investments that translate into the lowest total cost of ownership for the latest technology gains.
  • The drive for ever-improving utility performance is geared to delivering sustainable value to customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders. Microsoft and Microsoft partners help utilities generate performance improvements through new technology advancements around business analytics, productivity, collaboration, and business process management. With a focus on data and business process improvements, utilities are able to create a greater understanding of what is happening across the enterprise to improve operational decisions and activities in order to increase overall performance. Improved processes and management of information provides utilities with the ability to execute on requests from regulators, which enables the transparency and commitment to the community. Another benefit of data-driven performance is the use of Microsoft and partner solutions to help utilities build forward-looking practices, attitudes and behaviors that embed continuous innovation.
  • External forces are changing the business environment of utilities toward a customer-centric view, requiring continuous, conscious efforts to transform from a utility billing a rate payer to a value-driven utility providing valuable programs and services to the community they serve, including their customers, employees, and shareholders. Microsoft and Microsoft partners are delivering industry-leading solutions to enable the utility transformation, including integrating data from all points of contact with the customer into actionable, predictive, and department-meaningful data to improve the overall customer service and sales experience. As utilities embark on this unique transformational journey, utilities can benefit from technology-based solutions to create products, programs, and services to transform to a value-driven utility.
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