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Hospitality and travel organizations need significant digital transformation to secure their futures on the tried-and true technologies of today. They need solutions that are powerful, flexible, and attainable. Microsoft enables hospitality and travel organizations to create personal, seamless, and differentiated guest experiences while gaining business agility.

Hospitality & Travel organizations are starting to become more optimistic about guest and passenger spending. Although this helps in the recovery process to the bottom line, they are still faced with many challenges on both the operations and technology front. The largest of those challenges stem from trying to increase quality of service and delivering new revenue opportunities while still keeping the cost of operations down. These companies also know that success depends upon the quality and effectiveness of their people and their products. Hospitality and travel brands thrive when their team members are empowered to provide superior service, build customer loyalty, and to make improvements on their products and services.

Microsoft recognizes these challenges, many of which we share. Leveraging all our own technology and experience as well as that of our broad eco-system of solution partners, we strive to work with our hospitality and travel customers to Deliver the Future of Technology Today, creating seamless and personal experiences that drive consistency and brand value.

  • Personal
  • Seamless
  • Differentiated
  • Guests and passengers are increasingly determining how they want to be served. Empowered by technology, competition, global brands and multiple channels of influence, they are demanding a total experience that is targeted and relevant to them.

  • The decision to interact and purchase now takes place anywhere, at any time, through any device. Guests and travelers “glide” effortlessly between online and on-property. Travel planning has become part of a modern, digital lifestyle where consumers integrate mobile, social, search, comparison, deal sites and a host of other digital experiences into their decision and purchasing process. Hospitality and travel brands need to optimize and integrate each medium into a seamless whole and by doing so, they need to transition from thinking about their internal channels to the guest or traveler’s channel. In short, it’s about being customer centric rather than silo centric.

  • For hospitality and travel companies, making it real means providing a compelling experience that consistently delivers value, engenders trust and results in a “top of mind” position among customers. The journey starts here and it’s all about moving from standard to stand-out.

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