Painting with Data

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Data Visualization: Global Shipping Lanes
See the ships weave their way across the earth’s rivers and oceans.

The masters at 422 South use everyday data gathering techniques in familiar tools like excel, combining them with entrancing graphics to bring meaning to massive amounts of data points.
When done right, the meaning of the numbers shines through quite clearly. This is what is most difficult when delving into big data: making it relevant and, well, human. In most contexts, seeing the patterns of global shipping traffic, or Paris’ use of satellite navigation might appear rather two-dimensional. Not so here.
Being on the forefront of data visualization means being able to gather disparate, cross-industry data, and presenting it quickly and meaningfully. Exact numbers can always be delivered in an accompanying report, but this kind of vision allows you to see the spread of adoption faster and deeper. Not to mention that others will likely retain the meaning of the data longer than two-dimensional pie charts from your last business meeting.
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Data Visualization: Paris Satellite Navigation
Watch how many people are using GPS to navigate the streets and skies around Paris.