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  • How to cheat rock, paper, scissors
    6.1.2014 Carrie Landry
    How to cheat rock, paper, scissors
    Read how you can use analytics to beat the world’s most popular chance game.
  • What did you say?
    5.1.2014 Carrie Landry
    What did you say?
    Find out the inside story of the famous New York Times dialect quiz.
  • Painting with Data
    2.5.2014 422 South
    Painting with Data
    Data Visualization: Global Shipping Lanes. See the ships weave their way across the earth’s rivers and oceans.
  • Books and Big Data
    2.5.2014 Microsoft Case Study
    Books and Big Data
    To stay ahead of ever-changing publishing trends, HarperCollins needed profound industry insight, including understanding why readers choose certain authors, books, and stores. By increasing...
  • Barcelona Shapes a Futuristic City
    11.8.2013 Microsoft Case Study
    Barcelona Shapes a Futuristic City
    Founded in the third century B.C., Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain with 1.6 million residents and approximately 14,000 employees. Considered a global innovator in trade, tourism, IT, and architecture, the city of Barcelona actively works to help shape its future success—and that of other cities—with technology...
  • The Big Bang: How the Big Data Explosion Is Changing the World
    3.27.2013 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    The Big Bang: How the Big Data Explosion Is Changing the World
    In the battle of the buzzwords, “big data” is about to render “guestimation” obsolete.
  • Power BI - Visualizing the World Cup history
    9.2.2014 Marc Reguera, finance directors, Microsoft
    Power BI - Visualizing the World Cup history
    Besides my family and friends, I have two additional passions in life: soccer and data visualization.
  • 2.19.2014 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Our vision for insights in the enterprise
    Intelligent use of data leads to insight—and good insight leads to competitive advantage.
  • 2.5.2014 Jennifer Warnick
    Digital Detectives
    Last year, an army of five million zombie computers began taking marching orders from an Eastern European cybercriminal kingpin.
  • 2.5.2014 Microsoft Case Study
    Tea and Scones with Power BI
    In today’s competitive climate, there are few companies that can’t benefit from a powerful BI solution…even in the franchise food service industry.