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Previous Issues

March 2013

Windows 8 Enterprise-ready by design
Whether it’s mobile productivity, security, manageability or virtualization needs, Windows 8 meets all the needs of today’s businesses.  (read more)

April 2013

The End of Windows XP and Office
On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for Windows XP and Office 2003 which means there will be no more critical updates or security patches. Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 8 and the New Office...  (read more)

May 2013

 How the big data explosion is changing the world
  Big data is the term increasingly used to describe the process of applying serious computing power - the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence - to seriously massive and often highly complex sets of information  (read more)

June 2013

  Social Tools in the Workplace
Workers are often ahead of business leaders in recognizing the value of social tools. A new survey reveals how information workers around the globe view social tools.  (read more)

July 2013

Along with the opportunities arising with the consumerization of IT, there also exist risks related to security, privacy, and compliance. How can a growing enterprise strike a right balance between minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits?  (read more)

August 2013

From new mobile apps for your business, Office productivity work to searching, browsing and accessing your data from anywhere - Windows 8.1 brings together everything you do.  (read more)

September 2013

Unleash new opportunities with modern apps Modern apps adapt to the needs of users by exchanging data with other apps as needed, and by providing personalized experiences, natural user interactions, and social connections from an array...  (read more)

October 2013

Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social. There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days and we want to help companies transform their business with Enterprise Social to achieve their strategic goals.  (read more)

November 2013

 End of Service for Windows XP, Office 2003
  Don't be caught by end-of-life software support. We want to ensure you are up-to-date and able to take action to mitigate your risks, as legacy technology that you may have installed reaches end of support.  (read more)

December 2013

Reimagining Your Business with Today's Technology.
The ways in which people use technology are blurring the lines between work and play, business and individual. With this shift comes opportunity, but it requires a thoughtful approach to business scenarios.  (read more)