Our vision for insights in the enterprise

Intelligent use of data leads to insight—and good insight leads to competitive advantage.

In the emerging data economy, businesses will compete based on how they use data. Today’s data stores are exploding—and the rise of social, mobile, and cloud technology is playing a significant role in driving this growth on a day-to-day, and even minute-to-minute basis. Not only are businesses generating their own data, but they can also tap into data from sources around the world. Intelligent use of data leads to insight—and good insight leads to competitive advantage.

Paralleling data growth is an influx of cheaper and more accessible data technology. Of course, just having the data isn’t enough—too much data without a way to manage, connect, and analyze makes unnecessary overhead. As more and more people outside the IT department demand access to information and insight, opportunity in the enterprise comes with democratizing access to those key insights. By embedding data and analytics into business processes, you can build a data-driven culture and lay the foundation for success in the new digital era.

> 90% of the world's data was generated in the last two years

Facebook users share 2.5B pieces of content and Twitter users send 400M tweets each day

Global mobile data traffic grew 70% in 2012

By 2020, nearly 40% of the digital universe will be "touched" by cloud computing

What does this mean for the enterprise?
>235 terrabytes
Companies with >1,000 employees average more data than the US Library of Congress
The amount of information managed by enterprise data centers will grow by a factor of 14 by 2020

At Microsoft, we believe that data—not just big data, but any data, whether large or small, structured or unstructured—has the power to unlock tremendous value for an organization. Our vision is to put data and analytics into the hands of the business user. When business users apply rich information available both inside and outside an organization to uncover relevant, actionable insights, your organization will be able to transform operations intelligently, target customers strategically, bring better products to market swiftly, and craft delightful customer experiences creatively. Combined with the proper security, privacy, and governance policies in place, big data can become the basis for new waves of growth.

And we’re helping our customers do just that. We have one of the most well-known data analysis tools—Excel—that just about every business user is familiar with, and we’ve taken this robust tool to the next level by adding powerful analytics, visualization, and collaboration capabilities. We have a comprehensive, enterprise-grade, security-rich portfolio that spans the full data and analytics landscape, from sophisticated sensor technology, to intelligent systems, to a powerful big data platform, to social media analytics. Our capabilities make it easy to incorporate big data into your existing technology, and with our expansive partner ecosystem, you can also get a custom solution designed to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Gain unparalleled levels of new insight
Generating your own rich insights while tapping into the world’s data can give you unparalleled perspective on your business, and that of your competition. The opportunity available by harvesting insight is so much bigger than the quotidian business data that typically springs to mind—such as those culled from ERP or CRM systems. For example: why not can gather, process, and store data from intelligent devices and sensors using Windows Embedded, gaining deeper operational insight into a given business. Perhaps you want to better understand how people think, feel, and interact when using your products or services? With Kinect for Windows, capture their gestures and motions, then use this information to improve the customer experience. And there are trillions of data points available from third parties through the Windows Azure Marketplace. By tapping into both structured and unstructured data from a range of internal and external sources, uncovering hidden insight to drive your business forward becomes truly simple.

Drive smarter, faster, data-driven decisions
The key to stimulating smarter, faster, data-driven decisions lies within extending everyday business tools with powerful analytics and data visualization to anyone in the organization. Familiar and easy to use, Excel puts the power of data and advanced analytics into the hands of business users, enabling everyone in your organization to make impactful decisions quickly. With Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map, data springs to life with engaging visualizations and dynamic analytics, enabling deep insight, real-time. And for those business users who are on the go, it makes insight-driven decision making possible from anywhere by extending analytical capabilities to devices.

Accelerate competitiveness
Of course, data—much like people and processes—offers much greater impact when not living on its own. The key to acceleration is in making connections between data sources and applications, allowing the people manipulating and analyzing that data to connect, share, and collaborate. With our data platform, we can help you gain the full picture by seamlessly connecting all data and data systems across your enterprise—including cloud sources, internal systems, and devices. Our focus is on helping to maximize the potential of analytics across an organization through easy sharing and collaboration while reducing risk with privacy, security and governance policies. And you can do this using your own systems, the cloud, or both: with a hybrid cloud approach, you can strategically manage your data and processes to support growth and achieve the ultimate in business flexibility.

Gain unparalleled levels of new insight
Gain operational insight
Understand human behavior
Enrich your knowlege
Drive smarter, faster data-driven decisions
Empower your people
Bring insights to life
Take action on the go
Accelerate competitiveness
See the big picture
Understand human behavior
Enrich your knowlege

Data—and more specifically, how organizations integrate data and analytics into their business processes—can be the ticket to competitive advantage. With a robust analytics platform spanning on-premises and the cloud, you can foster a data-driven culture across your organization to drive your business forward.

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