Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social

Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social
There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days, but there’s nothing new about being social. Social is natural and human. It has always been part of how we work and live together and do business. What is new is the way that technology enables us to connect and communicate in real time, across geographical distance, and on a scale that’s literally unprecedented in human history.
Social technology may be relatively new from a business perspective, but it’s already a normal part of day-to-day life for tens of millions of people. Those people are your employees, your partners, and your customers. Through services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they’re accustomed to easily sharing the things they are interested in. They keep up with their friends and neighbors and public figures. They discuss a broad variety of topics. They expect to be able to contribute to the discussion and have their contributions respected.
This pervasive adoption of social technology and the rise of the powerful consumer is part of a larger transformation driving changes in how we get things done.
At Microsoft, we are confident that social technology will become a natural feature of how we work with colleagues and customers, just as it already defines how we connect with friends and acquaintances. Since social media is already part of the fabric of our daily lives, introducing it into the enterprise isn’t a matter of adopting a new technology, but adapting business communications to the way people already work and communicate. Enterprise social simply reflects evolving work styles.
Microsoft is bringing together the software that end users love with the platform that IT needs, to deliver a combined best-in-class experience. We are in a unique position because we bring social capabilities to bear across a complete set of assets: social, collaboration, email, unified communications, and business applications; and you can choose the tools that are right for your business to create new experiences that help your people get things done.
Engaging with your Customers
You need to engage customers and partners within consumer and business social networks while also gathering meaningful insights. Microsoft is building in the hooks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype so you can create impactful and responsive social marketing. But these are evolving constantly and we are building in an extensible way that will easily adapt and bridge to what’s next. In addition, social integration with Microsoft Dynamics, including social analytics and social marketing capabilities, allows you to harvest customer insights and new leads.
Connecting your Employees
Employees want to be able to find each other, talk, share information, and build new value together across the organization. We are bringing together and weaving social capabilities across networking, collaboration, email, unified communications, and business applications. Enterprise social networking with Yammer, content collaboration and management with SharePoint, Office productivity with Office 365, and communications and presence with Lync all combine to create new integrated experiences that help people get things done.
Drive deeper, more impactful
engagement on the outside...
...with a comprehensive, integrated
suite of social tools on the inside.
Unify your people to
deliver amazing
Engage your
customers with
smarter, savvier, and more responsive
social marketing
With new customers
using social insights
right within your
sales workflow
Attract, engage,
and retain your
employees with a
social intranet
collaborate, and
share with social
productivity tools
Connect employees,
partners, and
customers in real
time across devices
Modern social capabilities can help you transform your business from the inside out. By embracing and harnessing the power of a comprehensive suite of social tools, your business can break down organizational and geographical barriers on the inside of your organization, and drive deeper, more impactful engagement with customers on the outside.
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