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Mega technology trends are changing how people work today: the cloud, mobile, social, and big data, are all impacting how businesses engage with their customers, partners, and employees in order to better compete. Microsoft is thinking about all of these trends individually and as they relate to one another. In the case of cloud computing, we think of it as a key step toward helping our customers achieve better business agility, economics, and user experiences. We also know that for today’s CIOs and technology leaders, the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink the role IT plays in defining a business’ strategy. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operate and compete, the cloud is a game changer for the enterprise.

Microsoft believes the hybrid cloud is key to helping you cloud optimize your business. We are working with businesses to reimagine their IT with the most comprehensive cloud offerings of any vendor (spanning public and private cloud), decades of experience in the enterprise, and over 15 years of offering cloud services to consumers and businesses. Our massive global investment in cloud data centers, extensive ecosystem of partners and developers, and ability to provide the tools in the cloud that users love uniquely underscore the peace of mind Microsoft cloud services provide.

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SK Telecom

SK Telecom

“Nowadays capacity assessment is not seriously taken when the line-of-business users prepare the product and service. Because it is possible to request resource extension, based on the customer response or usage. By virtue of this, line-of-business can make more business-oriented decision making without wasting their time to assess capacity or technical issues.”

Cheon Min Heung
Manager of IT infra support team, SK Telecom

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ING Direct

ING DIRECT Australia

“The Microsoft technologies work together, making it very easy and efficient for our developers to interact with the other solution components. This means a huge boost to our productivity.”

Ben Issa
Head of IT Strategy, ING DIRECT Australia

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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

"This new system hasn't just improved what we do, it has completely changed the way we deliver and even think about desktop services. For us this is revolutionary, not evolutionary and as the technical team who loves being leading edge, it is very exciting."

Mark Marshall
Director- ICT Division, Christchurch Polytechnic Instititute of Technology

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    The Microsoft Advantage

    Cost effective virtualization
    In light of our changing marketplace, now may be great time to take a second lookat how competitive and cost effective Microsoft's server virtualization and privatecloud solutions are for your environment.

    We give the economics of the private cloud back to you
    Rather than monetizing the economics and efficiencies gained through the privatecloud - as VMware does - we give the economics of the private cloud back to you.So as you get more efficient, and increase your VM density, your cost/VM goes down,rather than up. See the diagram below for more details.


    Cost of Microsoft Private Cloud vs VMware
    Typical Consolidation Ratio, 6 VMs per Processor