The brave new app world

It’s a new world of applications. Connected digital technologies and the consumerization of IT are forcing enterprise applications to evolve from being enablers of business operations to becoming drivers of growth and innovation. This study sheds light on some of the new expectations on application development as well as the challenges IT decision makers face in addressing them. To succeed, it is more important than ever for IT leaders to partner with business and align application strategy to desired business outcomes.

Key findings:

  • User Experience is becoming a new competitive frontier and enterprises are often unprepared. Users' expectations of enterprise applications have fundamentally changed and the majority believe that an application's user interface and user experience are now crucial to customer satisfaction and productivity.
  • New realities are driving a need for speed in application development. Over 90% of ITDMs feel there is a need to accelerate new application time-to-market and 70% are undertaking fewer top-down multi-year application developments. Yet less than 1/3 of ITDMs say their development processes are agile enough to develop and deploy as quickly as needed.
  • A cohesive digital strategy is essential to unlocking new value. The four megatrends have left organizations with fragmented trend approaches, which could later lead to poorer outcomes and maintenance and integration challenges.
  • The right partners can help drive success. 79% of leaders report that business units are developing their own applications and in 85% of these instances applications are built with external developers. It is more important than ever for organizations to align IT with the needs of business teams, collaborating with a skilled and knowledgeable partner who understands enterprise.

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