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Unlock actionable insights from all your structured and unstructured data with the Microsoft Big Data Solution. Analyse Hadoop data with familiar tools, and enrich your information by connecting to the world’s data and services.

Expand the Availability in Business Intelligence

Often, the complex and costly nature of implementing and learning business intelligence (BI) tools limits their adoption across an organisation. Microsoft BI solutions help you expand the availability of BI through familiar and intuitive business productivity tools like Microsoft Excel. This helps decision-makers at all levels make effective, strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. With broadly implemented BI, your operations manager can get better visibility into operational costs, your customer-support rep can identify opportunities to cross-sell or upsell, and your sales director can identify which deals will help grow the business.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

In order to make business-critical decisions, employees need rapid access to real-time data. But that data may be spread across disparate tools in multiple departments in a variety of formats, ranging from unstructured spreadsheet data to structured CRM data. Microsoft BI solutions provide immediate access to this range of information as they present it on easy-to-comprehend, interactive dashboards that allow your people to work productively with personalised, relevant views of information at the right level of detail. Using powerful, yet intuitive Excel-based tools such as PowerPivot and PowerView, any business user can analyse millions of rows of data, and create engagingly-visual reporting experiences that are presentation ready at all times.

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Customer Evidence

Customer Evidence BNZ


“With SQL Server 2012 and xVelocity, new ideas can be validated on the same day rather than waiting weeks or even months. This means that we can respond more quickly to changing markets.”

Duane McLeod
Senior Architect, Business Intelligence, BNZ

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"We want to keep up with the latest features in SQL Server. Some of the features in SQL Server 2012 support higher availability and scalability, which would let us fail over databases more seamlessly and also test new product features more easily. Upgrading to SQL Server 2012 would help us improve our resilience and response."

Paul Rushworth
Platform Manager, Xero

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New Zealand Ministry of Health

New Zealand Ministry of Health

"With SQL Server, analysts can see up-to-date hospital cost and output data. As a result, they can make better recommendations about price changes."

Stuart Powell
Manager of Analysis, New Zealand Ministry of Health

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Customer Evidence Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport

“Because we were pulling together disparate systems from the different councils, we needed to implement a centralised system that all staff could access documents from and work on in real time.”

Roger Jones
Manager of Information Systems, Auckland Transport

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