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An ever changing economic environment, global expansion and organisational changes are making new demands on your line of business systems.

Naturally you’re concerned with finding the right IT systems that can help your business achieve higher profitability and provide an insight into your day-to-day operational activities.

You want decisions

You want sound decisions focused on the big picture with real-time and up-to-date customer and operations data. To manage change and drive innovation, you need:

  • Customisable scorecards and dashboards

  • Simple, easy-to-adopt IT tools for your organisation

  • Agile IT system geared for growth

You need visibility

When you’re driving financial efficiency and business growth, you require an intelligent and comprehensive view of all aspects of the organisation. Your team needs tools that:

  • Provide timely data with high reliability and accuracy

  • Offer real-time information to increase accountability

  • Streamline business processes to improve profitability and reduce costs

You want customer insight

You know that delivering value-based customer experiences needs a 360-degree understanding of customers. A familiar, intelligent and connected experience can help you and your marketing teams:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Quickly unlock new opportunities

  • Get real-time access to sales and customer data

You demand control

When you have a comprehensive view of all operations, you can ensure that process improvements are made and resources optimised. A common platform for end-to-end Operations Management can help to:

  • Standardise business processes

  • Augment existing systems

  • Deliver insight into day-to-day operational activities

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Customer Evidence

Sacred Hill

Sacred Hill

“There is no comparison from the old system to what we have now. It really is a world away from what we had before and no one here would go back, that’s for sure.”

Stephen Wolland
Commercial Manager Sacred Hill

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Customer Evidence Calder Stewart

Calder Stewart

“What we’ve embarked on is a 10 year software plan – we have a system that’s a vast improvement on our legacy system and will grow with us. We have a roadmap for the next 10 years which is fantastic.”

Tony Allison
Chief Operating Officer, Calder Stewart

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“Retail company drives significant productivity across the business by choosing Microsoft Dynamics solution”


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