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Enabling collaboration and communication using social tools can help businesses be more competitive by allowing people to work in a way that is familiar to them through their personal lives. At Microsoft, we can help organisations take advantage of social media and integrate it with new and existing communication tools that allow people to communicate with colleagues, external partners, and customers in new ways while at the same time improve internal collaboration. Increasing productivity using social tools that meet the expectations of multiple generations of workers can reduce costs and allow organisations to respond faster to new opportunities.

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Western Bay of Plenty

Western Bay of Plenty

“We went from no infrastructure at all to a professional IT solution in just 4 months. It was so easy, we just switched and moved on!”

Marion Dowd
Marion Dowd, IT Manager, Western Bay of Plenty District Council

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“With the money we save by not buying a server, we can improve member services. If I’m spending approximately a day a week managing a server, that’s time I’m not spending on members.”

Angela Tempest
Business Operations Manager, INGENIUM

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Customer Evidence Plunket


"People are beginning to understand that Office 365 provides critical business capabilities—and a leap forward on security. We can do good work with the cloud."

Craig Le Quesne
General Manager ICT, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

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