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Big Data Deep Insights

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Microsoft is hosting a virtual event on February 19, 2013 to offer you a unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s vision and solutions for Big Data, and to discuss the strategic potential of Big Data for your organisation.

Why Attend?

Today, senior IT decision makers and business executives are struggling to gain business insight from the unprecedented volume and variety of data they are capturing inside their organisation.

They want to easily mine, process, and analyse these huge amounts of complex data in real time, without worrying about the required setup. Microsoft’s Big Data solution enables organisations to uncover business insights from their structured and unstructured data.


Join Jack Tang and Ron Dunn, two of Microsoft’s senior Big Data executives and learn how you can leverage big data in your organisation:

  • Big Data Overview - Microsoft’s vision for Big Data, and how the new world of data will impact the enterprise

  • The Microsoft solution - Take advantage of the intelligence locked up in your data with SQL Server 2012

  • Product Demo - See how innovations around the way data is accessed, processed, viewed and analysed change the way strategic business decisions are made

  • Customer Stories - Hear how customers are tapping into Microsoft’s Big Data solutions as a key differentiator

This webcast is not to be missed by IT and business executives addressing the strategic challenge to make better use of data.


Jack Tang
Director of Product Marketing, Application Platform, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Ron Dunn
Regional Manager, Parallel Data Warehouse, Microsoft Asia Pacific

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