Is your customer data safe?

You might have heard that Satya Nadella has been leading Microsoft as a cloud-first, mobile-first company. While inside the doors we are feeling the energy shift from our new CEO, he’s also been speaking outside the company on how to be secure in that cloud-and-mobile-first space.

Corporate security and compliance are front-and-center these days when all kinds of companies are suffering data breaches and theft. The last thing you want to explain—like so many companies have had to lately—is why you broke a promise to your customers and now some hacker has their private data. And while we behind the words give tips on how to be aware of security in your enterprise, one of the best things you can offer your employees and customers is a level of privacy, compliance, and security that they don’t have to think about. Not to mention back up—in an instant, your company could vanish if it’s on an unstable platform.

Whatever platform you choose to bring to your enterprise, make sure encrypted storage, mobile management of your shares and documents, and data loss protection for those shares and documents are a part of the portfolio you offer—and don’t pay too much for it. They’re all available in Office 365—of course—but no matter what you choose, make certain your data and your company are safe when you move sensitive data to the cloud. There’s a lot riding on your security choices these days.

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