More on Mobility & Productivity from Thought Leaders

  • Closing the app gap
    10.1.2014 Patrick O’Rourke
    Closing the app gap
    Go behind the mobility movement inside Microsoft and see what it’s like designing apps in a mobile-first environment.
  • Be your own enigma machine
    6.1.2014 Carrie Landry
    Be your own enigma machine
    How to create hackproof passwords no bot can guess.
  • The brave new app world
    4.1.2014 Avanade and the Microsoft Enterprise team
    The brave new app world
    It's a new world of applications. Connected digital technologies and the consumerization of IT are forcing enterprise applications to evolve from being enablers of business operations to becoming drivers of growth and innovation.
  • Taking a bite of the app world
    3.1.2014 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Taking a bite of the app world
    Did you build your app strategy with the right focus?
  • Why Go Mobile?
    12.5.2013 Bloomberg TV Interview
    Why Go Mobile?
    Richard Holmes, CIO of Westpac’s BT Financial Group, gave a live interview with Bloomberg TV during the 1 p.m. ET hour on Bloomberg WEST. The four-minute interview was conducted by anchor Co...
  • Building a Global Beauty Brand
    12.5.2013 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Building a Global Beauty Brand
    With 21,000 global employees and 1,650 stores, Sephora needed a more productive way to connect its employees. Find out how Sephora energized its global workforce.
  • 7.1.2014 The Nokia Team
    Top ten phone apps for business
    Find out which business apps were polled as most useful for the enterprise.
  • 6.24.2014 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Untether your Team
    Technology is re-defining how, when, and where you work—as well as what you use to get that work done.
  • 2.18.2014 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Any device, any user, anywhere
    How Microsoft can help empower your workforce and engage your customers.
  • 1.10.2014 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    The seamless HR experience: How Cole’s did it
    See the story of how one special HR tool helped attract and retain the best employees, allowing a supermarket chain to expand talent retention and revenue. Cole’s of Australia found out how...