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  • Build the Intelligent Cloud

     Every Thursday in August at 10 am PST
    Your employees do amazing things in your organization every day. They build. They create. And your company evolves. The passion for what your employees do is changing how Microsoft thinks about technology. We’re Building the Intelligent Cloud to be ready for anything – to be open and flexible for all your data types, apps, and devices
  • Trusted Cloud Webinar Series

     Every Thursday in July 10:00AM PDT
    The choice to use any cloud service for business critical services requires not just thorough due diligence and proper evaluation – it comes down to trust. Join these webinars to learn about trust, security and privacy in Office 365.
  • Enterprise Mobility Webinar Series

    The cloud-based IT landscape is changing the way we think about security and access. This webinar series will explore Microsoft cloud solutions for always-on access in the modern workplace.
  • Affordable Innovation

    07.29.2015 9:00AM PDT
    Businesses are using low cost Windows devices for everything from value-oriented customer giveaways, to empowering a modern selling environment through a mobile point of sale and assisted selling device. Join this webcast to hear creative ideas that can fuel the growth of your business!
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