Microsoft Experience Center

The Microsoft Experience Center provides business professionals a facilitated hands-on environment to test drive Microsoft devices and services through a series of simulated, every day scenarios. Designed to allow attendees to “Experience the Possible”, the Microsoft Experience Center reveals the potential productivity and profitability impact of purchasing, deploying and fully leveraging the Microsoft portfolio in the Enterprise.

Showcasing technologies such as Office 365, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, Visio, Windows, Windows Phone, Dynamics CRM, and beyond, the Microsoft Experience Center is different as it’s less about product specific features, but rather focuses on your personal and organization challenges and how Microsoft can help.

In-Person Microsoft Experience Center Sessions
Microsoft Experience Center

Participating in an in-person Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) session is the ultimate means to understand the competitive, cost savings and productivity advantages of running your business on Microsoft.

The Microsoft Experience Center is a 3-4 hour session held at a Microsoft location or onsite that is custom tailored for your specific business needs. Intended for business professionals, MECs are focused on business value and end user benefits– not a technical deep dive or “IT” discussion.

In some cases, MECs uncover areas of potential improvement at a personal productivity or organizational level, while others just prove out the value of devices or services that are already owned and/or not yet deployed.

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