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Over the past year, there has been a dramatic change in the way businesses are reimagining products, services and even entire business models in today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world. Stay connected on the latest innovations coming from Microsoft. These upcoming and on-demand webinars have been designed for IT Leaders to get the most relevant information as it relates to Microsoft technologies and market trends.

Upcoming Webinars

On Demand: Empowering a Mobile Workforce

Nobody said being an IT Leader was easy. And now with the increased use of mobile devices, a proliferation of apps, and users’ expectations to access company data from virtually anywhere, there's more than ever to deal with. IT needs a reliable, complete and efficient solution that takes a people-centric approach to the management of users, their devices and the protection of corporate data. Microsoft has solutions to help organizations harness the power of enterprise mobility, without unnecessary risk or complexity. We help businesses keep end users productive, help with data protection and compliance, and unify the environment to drive efficiency.

On Demand: Your Office in the Cloud
On Demand: Change your Line of Business app lifestyle
On Demand: Self-service BI with the power of the cloud
On Demand: Social for Everyone, Business Ready
On Demand: Creating the Internet of Your Things

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